What Nofollowed Internal Linking Impact Your SEO Services?

by on Sep 23, 2019 - 3 min read
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In the event that you are a business owner, then you will know the importance of having SEO elements in your business website. There are several different factors to consider in your search engine optimization program. Among them, one of the most essential is the use of a solid internal linking structure in your web design, which can make it convenient for users to browse from content to another seamlessly. Often times, business owners doubt if having non followed internal linking can harm their SEO services practices. This small article will try to address this specific issue.

Will non followed internal linking harm your SEO:

In short, no it will not impact your search engine optimization for any of the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is a common issue with having tools for only improving your SEO because they might at times provide you with false positives. It will be a direct outcome because when you are using such tools then they would not be able to understand some of the finer nuances which only humans can. Sometimes certain explanations might be given that are not really quite accurate either.

Using nofollow internal links:

You will be easily able to use the nofollow internal links. If you are not keen on having pages which have login options and comment sections to your blog, then you can use nofollow internal links quite effectively. It will reduce risks of content duplication in your business website and also save your content from unnecessarily appearing to be cluttered.

Outline of “nofollow” link use:

A lot of people tend to feel that it was Google who first brought in the “nofollow” links. But the reality is different; “nofollow” is basically a micro format which Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen had collaborated on. Nofollow basically indicates that a referred resource is not linked as a compulsion by the page’s author and hence the reference would not provide any extra baggage to the ranking system of the page. This means that the other SEO factors of the page would not be impacted by the use of the nofollow internal links.

There are two basic significance of such a definition:
  1. The page’s author indicates that the nofollow ought to be used in instances like comments on blog pages and advertising in which an author is not responsible for any linked content.
  2. The extra baggage would not be provided to the main page during the ranking procedure.

Thus, you can be at ease when you are using nofollow internal linking in your business website as it will not affect your ranking or your SEO services.


One of the most useful search engine optimization tools is the Nofollow internal linking. The notion that using such a tool can go on to harm the local SEO process of a business website is not accurate. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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