Technology in Nigeria! I-Life launches slimmest laptop in Nigeria

by on Feb 8, 2017 - 1 min read
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Media Credit: Guardian

This article originally appeared in the Guardian.

I-Life Digital Technology has launched the new ZED AIR, reputed as the slimmest laptop weighing 1.53kg and 16.2mm thin in Nigeria.

The event, which was held in Lagos, was preceded by a weeklong teaser campaign: “What can be described as Thin, Light, and Powerful?”

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony, the Associate Vice President, I-Life United States of America, Eric Bhagwat, said that “ZED AIR brand of laptop is from the stables of I-Life Technology Inc., a US-based manufacturer of innovative range of computing devices.”
ZED AIR, he explained, “Combines sleekness, lightness and affordability packed into a single robust and scalable functional unit designed for the smart generation.”

“We are excited to introduce this laptop, which is thinner than a wallet therefore a perfect companion for the upwardly mobile worker, entrepreneur, and student alike. The laptops comes bundled with the latest Windows 10 OS and internal circuitry and long lasting battery life- up to 8 hours that ensures performance meets endurance,” he said.

He further explained that the ZED AIR is the flagship model of a range of the ZED brand of laptops.

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