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CAROLINE MWANGI, 30, SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT DEVELOPER AND MANAGER I finished high school in 2004. My father, a businessman, opened a stationery shop for my sister and I. We did printing, photocopying, binding and typing. I worked at the business till 2009 when I decided to challenge myself with a new role. I got employed at Sun Beam – selling cakes and tea. It is a job I diligently held until 2013 when I started my online work. I work with different clients at different times. As a social media content developer, my work involves creating material that will further my clients' objectives. I know what is right for different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such. Sometimes, I manage platforms for clients. I am in charge of their accounts and I make sure that they make the right posts and engage with the online community appropriately. I mostly handle work on a contract basis. That means my income is not steady but is good enough to pay my bills. I can work from anywhere, anytime because I interact with my clients online. To accomplish my work I need my laptop, my phone and some internet connection.

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