Entitlement Mentality..

by on May 6, 2017 - 1 min read
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When my first Android Phone went missing, I had this entitlement mentality,  that my then mentor would buy a replacement , he would have sympathy..

Well I got the shocker of my life , when he started teaching, he said ' If you lost your phone, that's good, focus on your exams'....

I fainted within..


Am yet to meet you and you saying this?
I was saying that within me...

I didn't even pay attention to his teachings, I went blank..
My feet were numb , how can I walk up to him, after he said that?

Well I didn't get to meet him, I never told him about it..

I accepted that with good faith.

Many of us are and were like me.
It's no crime, but you have to understand that , you shouldn't be over dependent on people..

Take responsibilities, it's your shit and no one's shit.

Stop feeling entitled to anything.

Take up your cross...

-Emmanuel Bountiful.


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